Sales performance

Sales performance

Optimization of the sales department

  • My first sales plan
  • Strategic customer management
  • Selling your unique value
  • The Space-Time approach to optimize your territory
  • The essentials of marketing
  • Psychometric tests for sales performance
  • Building a digital marketing plan

Develop and excel in international market

Level 1 Program: Getting started in international markets

Level 2 Program: Excelling international markets

  • Defining an international export plan
  • Carrying out an international market research
  • International implementation strategies
  • Growth in emerging markets
  • Managing an international sales team
  • Management of international distribution intermediaries
  • International trade negotiations
  • International digital marketing management
  • My export plan
  • Recruiting and managing manufacturing agents
  • Setting up, managing and optimizing your distribution network
  • Preparing for a trade show

Internal sales / customer service

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increasing the average shopping cart


  • Transactional analysis to manage communication dynamics
  • The Process Communication Model® (PCM) approach to strengthen the relationship with your contacts

Sales techniques

  • LEAD® – 5 interactive modules of 40 min
  • 7 asynchronous webinars on the levers of influence
  • Videos on handling objections

Negotiation techniques

  • DEAL® – 5 interactive 45-minute modules
  • Video and collection of 7 modules on the deadly sins of negotiation

Prospecting Techniques

  • How to prepare your prospecting session
  • How to get past the secretaries
  • How to get referrals
  • How to prospect with LinkedIn
  • How to build your trailer

Sedentary sales

  • Collection of 6 demos on the 5S method: selling in outbound calls
  • Collection of 6 demo memos on the 5E method: selling on inbound calls

Succeed in your sales presentation

  • Introduction / Preparing well / Making a successful entrance / Mobilizing your audience / Building visuals that have an impact

Personal development

  • Managing your time better
  • How to become a good salesperson
  • General presentation of the levers of influence
  • Levers of authority / Reciprocity / Consistency / Social proof / Contrast / Rarity / Sympathy

Complex selling

  • How to identify the key players in a decision-making group
  • How to decide whether to pursue a deal with the 3P method
  • How to analyze your customer portfolio with the ABC cross matrix
  • How to build a business review (5 modules to analyze and follow up major projects)
  • How to write an account plan (5 modules to analyze and define a strategy for key accounts)
  • Networking and lobbying

LEAD®, DEAL®, BOSS® and 5E5S® are trademark of Halifax consulting.


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