Our team of consultants is dedicated to the optimization of your sales function.


Set up a sales function that continuously performs the right actions at the right time with paying customers and qualified prospects.

We believe that together we can make a difference to the sustainability of your business by investing in the organization and performance of your sales team.

- Rodolphe Meynier

M.I.C.A. approach

Where to begin?

Get a diagnosis that will help you identify and prioritize your needs, whether you’re looking to implement simple actions in the short term or undertake transformation projects to ensure you achieve your sales objectives over time.

Performance diagnosis

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What’s behind the sales function?

Rodolphe Meynier, April 2022 We hear that selling is an art, that selling is innate, that selling is a science… In short, selling is convincing someone of something: a meeting; a test; a presentation; a bid; a pilot project; a…

Before recruiting… optimize your sales.

March 2022 Rodolphe Meynier, MBA, CSL, Adm. A. Be aware that your salespeople’s performance may be compromised if they spend too much time with low-paying customers, if they perform tasks other than those related to sales, if their schedule is…