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A certified coaching approach for even better results. Our team of certified coaches allows you to not only to develop your knowledge of management and sales skills, but also to develop your interpersonal skills (attitudes and behaviors) for maximum results and impact on your organization. 


Our certified coaches master the eleven essential skills to increase the efficiency and performance of your sales team. Our goal: to make your team members champions!


Coaching in sales management is an approach that aims to increase the mobilization and performance of the teams of directors and sales VP. This type of coaching allows them to fully develop their leadership potential.

Coaching in operational sales management consists in supporting managers in the application and implementation of new methods and approaches based on best practices in sales and marketing.


The individual coaching of representatives is a personalized and structured support approach. The salesperson identifies their obstacles, limiting beliefs, strengths and talents through a process of professional and personal development. He is supported in achieving his sales objectives and improving his skills.

Le coaching d’équipe se situe à mi-chemin entre le coaching individuel et le coaching axé sur le fonctionnement d’une équipe de vente pour la rendre plus performante. Les techniques utilisées sont celles du coaching individuel de vente, mais visent l’élaboration de solutions partagées par les participants autour d’objectifs qui sont traduits en plans d’action individuels.


Maximum impact for you

Coaching programs that move you faster towards achieving your goals.

  • They significantly increase the efficiency and performance of representatives.
  • They allow the individual and the team to cultivate better habits and increase their satisfaction and their desire to surpass themselves.
  • They strengthen the bonds and sense of belonging within the team and towards the organization.
  • They improve communication between the manager and the team, for better mobilization.


Information privacy and professional ethics

Our coaches make sure that they strictly respect their obligations in terms of protecting confidential client information. They apply a precise and rigorous code of ethics that is regularly audited by the ICF (International Coach Federation).

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