M.I.C.A. approach

To know where to start

Maintain. Improve. Change. Add.

The sales strategy and its results

  • Alignment between strategic, marketing and sales plans
  • Alignment between sales objectives and sales organization
  • Management strategy for current and future customers
  • Performance by territory, vendor, product line and customer over the past three years

Organization of the sales department

  • Analysis of sales support tools (presentation, documentation, sample, etc.)
  • Processes, roles and responsibilities across the customer journey
  • Reporting tools and dashboards
  • Coverage of geographical and sectoral markets
  • Competence of managers to build the sales strategy and develop the sales organization

The team’s performance

  • Sales teams in the field: ability to convince, ability to optimize their actions, their agenda and their territory, ability to sell the company’s added value rather than a price
  • Performance of distribution networks
  • Individual and collective profile of sales teams: natural talents, profiles of salespeople/managers, complementarity
  • Prospecting performance, customer development and retention of strategic customers
  • Ability of managers to develop and manage their teams
  • Customer satisfaction with the sales team

Where to begin?

Get a diagnosis that will help you identify and prioritize your needs, whether you’re looking to implement simple actions in the short term or undertake transformation projects to ensure you achieve your sales objectives over time.

Performance diagnosis