Our diagnosis will identify and prioritize your needs, whether they are simple short-term actions or transformation projects to ensure that your sales objectives are met over time.

The diagnosis identifies key and priority actions in order improve the sales function of the company significantly.

First option

Proceed to a complete diagnosis of your company’s sales function using a proven tool. You will receive the result within 24 to 48 hours: a portrait of the managerial maturity of your sales function, taking into account the 3 pillars: the objectives to reach, the structure needed to reach them and the management of resources for execution.

  • Complete self-diagnosis of the sales function

No charge

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Second option
Self-diagnosis & Analysis

You carry out a diagnostic of the sales function of your company yourself, using a proven tool. A Celsius expert supports you in analyzing the results in order to draw the right conclusions and target the appropriate actions to take.

  • Self-diagnosis using a specialized tool
  • Interview with a Celsius expert

$ 450

Note: Excluding taxes

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Third option
Complete diagnosis

You are accompanied by a Celsius expert who performs a full analysis of your strategic plans and your sales tools. You will also benefit from personalized coaching aimed at increasing the performance of your sales function.

  • Sales analysis of the last 3 years
  • Analysis of strategic, marketing and sales plans
  • Analysis of sales tools
  • A full day of individual and team meeting

From $ 3,500

Note: Excluding taxes and fees

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1 – Sales management 2,3
2 – Structure 2,2
4 – In house sales 1,3
5 – Manufacturing agents 1,3
6 – Distributors management 1,5
7 – Sales support 2,4
8 – Tools 1,4
9 – Sales representatives support 1,4
10 – Commercial actions / marketing 2,2
11 – Surveillance 2,0
12 – Clients portfolio management 2,2
13 – Prospection management 1,2
14 – Country management 1,8
15 – Sales perfomances indicators 2,1
Total 1,8


The sales strategy and the results obtained

  • Alignment between strategic, marketing and sales plans
  • Alignment between sales objectives and sales organization
  • Management strategy for current and future customers
  • Performance by territory, vendor, product line and customer over the past three years


The organization of the sales department

  • Analysis of sales support tools (presentation, documentation, sample, etc.)
  • Processes and roles and responsibilities throughout the customer journey
  • Reporting tools and dashboards
  • Coverage of geographic and sectoral markets
  • Competence of managers to build the sales strategy and develop the sales organization

The performance of the team

  • Sales team on the ground: convincing capabilities, capacity to optimize their actions and sell the plus value of the business instead of the selling price.
  • Distribution network performance
  • Individual and collective profile of the sales team: Natural talents, sales representatives and managers profiles and their complementarity.
  • Prospecting performance, customer development and retention of strategic customers.
  • Ability of managers to develop and manage their teams
  • Customer satisfaction with the sales team