Performance Diagnosis

Our diagnosis will identify and prioritize your needs, whether they are simple short-term actions or transformation projects to ensure that your sales objectives are met over time.

The diagnosis identifies key and priority actions in order to improve the sales function of the company significantly.


your short-term

Carry out a complete diagnosis of your company's sales function yourself using a proven tool. A Celsius expert will help you analyze the results in order to draw the right conclusions and to determine the appropriate actions to be taken.

  • Perform a self-diagnosis using a specialized tool
  • Identify the key priorities to undertake in connection with the results of the diagnosis and your growth strategy
  • Meeting with a Celsius expert

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Complete diagnosis

Implement an improvement and transformation plan

A Celsius expert will assist you and perform a complete analysis of your strategic plans and your sales tools. You’ll also benefit from personalized coaching designed to increase your sales function’s performance.

  • A 3-year sales analysis
  • Managerial maturity self-assessment
  • Operational diagnosis
  • Analysis of strategic, marketing and sales plans
  • Analysis of sales tools
  • Individual and team meeting day

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Sales function maturity index

Identify the most strategic and profitable improvements to achieve your goals

Lines tags Average
1 – Sales management 2,3
2 – Structure 2,2
4 – In house sales 1,3
5 – Manufacturing agents 1,3
6 – Distributors management 1,5
7 – Sales support 2,4
8 – Tools 1,4
9 – Sales representatives support 1,4
10 – Commercial actions / marketing 2,2
11 – Surveillance 2,0
12 – Clients portfolio management 2,2
13 – Prospection management 1,2
14 – Country management 1,8
15 – Sales perfomances indicators 2,1
Total 1,8