For your sales team to excel, it must be well led and composed of people who do the right things at the right time with the highest paying customers.

Team management

You are in growth

Our sales manager is very much in support and reaction mode; how to make them proactive?

Should our sales manager be more in the field?

How can we better equip our sales managers to ensure our growth?

Your situation is concerning you

We promoted one of our representatives to director; how do we make sure they go from good salesman to good manager?

Does our sales manager have all the knowledge and skills to be a good manager-coach?

How can we support the sales manager to ensure our growth?


You are in growth

Do we need to expand our team of representatives to support our growth?

How do you make sure you're hiring the right salesperson or manager from the start?

Developing new markets requires a lot of investment; how to ensure we recruit our future champion?

Your situation is concerning you

We struggle to find and identify the right sellers; our past experiences have not lived up to our expectations.

Our growth pushes us to set up our first sales department, but we have never recruited and managed salespeople, where to start?

Our sales team will have to renew itself over the next few years; is this the right time to prepare for the next generation?

It is easier to find "farmers" than "hunters", where to find them?


You are in growth

To support our future growth, we want to make sure we have the right salespeople profiles in the right places.

Our market is increasingly complex; do we still have the right profiles?

We want to increase the performance of our teams in the field, where to start?

Your situation is concerning you

The costs of recruiting and training our salespeople are high, how do we ensure that the recruits have the right talents and the right attitudes?

We have had a lot of turnover in our sales teams in recent years, how do we stop it?

After several trainings on business development and "closing", we still do not see significant results, do we have the right profiles?

Where to begin?

Get a diagnosis that will help you identify and prioritize your needs, whether you’re looking to implement simple actions in the short term or undertake transformation projects to ensure you achieve your sales objectives over time.

Performance diagnosis