To ensure that you achieve your objectives, you must implement your sales plan and have effective management tools to allow you to manage the activities of your representatives and your network so that they put their energies where they are most profitable.

Support tools

You are in growth

We wonder if we should implement a CRM and if so, which one?

Is there a sales management tool to predict and measure if our salespeople are doing the right things?

Is there an equivalent of the E.R.P. for the sales manager?

Your situation is concerning you

We don't know what our salespeople are doing.

What is the best tool to support our sales managers in managing their teams?

We have invested a lot of time and money in a CRM, but it is poorly or seldomly used by our teams.

Distribute networks

You are in growth

We want to expand our geographic market and are wondering where to start.

How to optimize and work better with our distribution network.

We are seeing a difference in the performance of our various distributors. How can we standardize it?

What would be the best structure for our international development: sales team, manufacturing agents or distributors?

Your situation is concerning you

We are not sure that our entire distribution network prioritizes the sale of our products and services.

Our sales are stagnating; how to get the most out of our distribution networks?

The energy invested in our distribution network is too high compared to the sales generated; What should we do?

How can I ensure that our value proposition reaches the end buyer through my distribution network?


You are in growth

We are growing, but we don't know why.

To support our sales managers, what performance indicators should we put in place?

We only work with result indicators; how to set up a dashboard to anticipate them, even improve them?

Your situation is concerning you

We find that our sales are stagnating or declining, but we don't know what to change.

We are always in reaction mode because our performance indicators are based on results. How to switch into proactive mode?

We need to increase the performance of our sales teams by changing their approaches. How to anticipate the impact of these changes?

Where to begin?

Get a diagnosis that will help you identify and prioritize your needs, whether you’re looking to implement simple actions in the short term or undertake transformation projects to ensure you achieve your sales objectives over time.

Performance diagnosis