Jean-Pierre Lemaitre

Jean-Pierre Lemaitre

Jean-Pierre Lemaitre is a fervent follower of positive psychology, he incorporates it into his interventions in order to instill lasting change in the companies and individuals he is called upon to train. He is certified in the subject by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar, professor at Harvard University.

During his distinguished career, Mr. Lemaitre has trained thousands of participants in sales, communication and leadership from various industries.

His expertise allows him today to offer services to both businesses and individuals. His interventions are always adapted to individual situation and take the form of training workshops, consultations and conferences. He is appreciated for the accuracy and relevance of his interventions, his contagious energy, his unwavering motivation and his legendary sense of humor.

  • Jean-Pierre Lemaitre is an expert in human skills development. He works in three specific areas: sales, interpersonal communication and personal success.
  • It offers training and business conferences to all people wishing to develop their know-how and their skills and become more efficient.
  • His unique approach and pragmatism allow individuals to integrate and apply simple and effective concepts.
  • His experience gained on three continents allowed him to understand and master cultural differences and refine his expertise.