Frédéric Berger

Frédéric Berger


For more than 25 years, Frederic Berger have been working in the fields of high technology, manufacturing and industry. In terms of both direct sales management and partner networks.

Throughout his professional journey, he has developed multiple tools and sales systems that effectively contribute to increasing sales performance. He believes that any strategy must be rigorously executed and measured to achieve and exceed objectives. His experience and the Celsius approach ensure a solid return on investment for all the resources the company devotes to setting up direct and indirect sales channels.

As a consultant, Mr. Berger successfully carried out mandates to set up sales processes and systems aimed at increasing the performance of sales channels, maximizing growth and contributing to the sustainability of the company. He possesses a rare combination of analytical mind, strategy and action-oriented skills for which he is recognized by his clients and peers.

Previously, he mainly held positions as Director of Sales and sales Networks in the areas of telecommunications and technology. A graduate in business administration, marketing option, Frédéric Berger is also a Certified Sales Leader (CSL) and Certified Sales Professional (CSP) accredited by the Canadian Association of Professional Sales.