Denis Bélanger

Denis Bélanger

Human behavior fascinates Denis Bélanger at the highest point, mainly in the context where sales resources must persuade customers. Whether you are in B to B or B to C, he loves H to H (human to human) interventions.


  • Expert in human behavior (human to human)
  • Specialist in alignment between the game plan and its execution
  • Specialty: field support for the sales force
  • Vision: consistency over time and importance of the contribution of each member of the sales force
  • His objectives for his customers: increase the number of new customers and cross-sell, shorten the sales cycle and achieve unprecedented customer retention thanks to the sales force
  • Excellent popularizer and educator
  • Aims to develop interpersonal skills and know-how, not just knowledge
  • Sales manager training expert: managerial performance program in sales for them


  • Over 25 years of experience as a sales coach
  • Graduated from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in administration
  • Certification in sales and marketing (Laval University, 2008)
  • Development of a sales training program with emphasis on field support (1987)
  • Sales training workshops with hundreds of people with results driven
  • Development of the combination of the power of BI, use of CRM and coaching of sales resources (2007)
  • Dedicated to coaching the sales force since 2012