10 years at the service of your sales performance

January 2021
Rodolphe Meynier, MBA, CSL, Adm. A.

We are celebrating our anniversary this year!

A decade of existence

For Celsius, it has been a decade of applying and transmitting best practices in sales management, evolving its service offering and building a team of seasoned consultants. As a result, in 2021, the company can boast that it is stronger and more relevant than ever.

“We are proud of the road travelled, but above all, we are motivated and enthusiastic about the road ahead of us,” said Rodolphe Meynier, co-founder and general manager. “At Celsius, we anticipated many of the changes that many organizations are currently facing: a decrease in face-to-face meetings, changes in buyer behavior, an increase in the role of inside sales, the need for the sales organization to accelerate digital transformation, and so on. ”

Not only has COVID accelerated many of these phenomena, but it has also highlighted the limits of instinctive management of the sales function. Although the sales function has always been central to business results, Celsius was born out of the realization that it is the least well-structured function of all: “You learn this job in the field, there are no university programs dedicated to sales. And yet, they are the lungs of the company! The literature as well as the results of our diagnostics have shown that sales performance is essentially based on the individual talents of salespeople and managers, whereas it should be 75% based on structure, processes and tools. ”

The performance of the sales function

It is based on a structure and processes to transform objectives into measurable activities; fieldwork must be aligned with strategy, and sales actions and results must be supported by performance indicators. Efforts must be focused on the right customers and high-potential prospects. Each activity must also generate value with the right people: decision-makers, influencers, users. In short, market development strategies must be rethought and potential must be targeted by putting the magnifying glass on customer relations, customer portfolio management, sales structure and team management.

Celsius has fine-tuned its service offering in line with the evolution of best practices and has mobilized a team of experienced coaches that is second to none in Quebec. In 2021, the company restructured its offer and launched three business units: consulting to adapt best practices to the reality of companies and recruiting the right managers and salespeople; coaching to support managers in their transformation; and training to increase the performance of sales teams. Born of Groupe Dancause, recognized business strategy consultants, Celsius has developed strategic partnerships over the last 10 years, notably in 2014 with AtmanCo, a leader in psychometric evaluation of human resources and more specifically sales teams. Then in 2017, Halifax Consulting, a world leader and European reference in the training of sales teams and managers, made Celsius its partner in North America and exclusive partner in Quebec. These affiliations testify to the depth of Celsius’ offer, but also to the trust placed in the company.

A reference in the present and future market

Over the years, Celsius has become a reference in the market by applying the best practices: “We can say that we are a shoemaker with good shoes! We can say that we are a well-shod shoemaker!” emphasized Mr. Meynier. Through the constant evolution of its offer, the company has enabled its customers to increase the performance of their sales function to enable them to achieve their objectives, and this, in a sustainable manner. Its tools for customer management, loyalty and optimization have proven their worth and Celsius is part of a worldwide network of innovative pedagogical engineering for sales teams.

According to Rodolphe Meynier, Celsius’ roadmap allows the company to look forward to the new decade with confidence and optimism: “The expertise we have developed and constantly updated allows us to anticipate changes and dictate best practices to grow in the Quebec and international markets. With the right sales processes in place, even the pandemic can present incredible business opportunities for many organizations. We look forward to helping our future clients take advantage of them! ”

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